What LGA 1151 Processor to pic for a gaming budget pc (no i3 they suck)

I am building a gaming pc in few months and i am wondering what cpu should i get.
(I really hate i3 , and i don't want amd)i was thinking to get a g4560 because is cheap but later i discovered i5 7600k i think it does extremely well but i don't have the moneys .
Should i get more money or should i buy g4560
I consider any suggestions for a quad core processor that is cheap and very good lga being 1151
EDIT: i don't want to overclock the cpu because my mobo can't
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    You know the G4560 is basically an i3 ey? Besides that a g4560 is a very good bang for the buck cpu and you can pair it easily with something up to a rx 570/gtx 1060

    An i5 however would probably last you longer due to more cores, but is also 3 to 4 times more expensive so it depends on your budget.

    Why dont you wanne go for AMD though? Ryzen 3 is coming these months which are basically quad core cpus for about 120$.
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  2. hdgaming i don't want to play with amd because i don't know nothing about them
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  3. There are no cheap quad core socket 1151 CPUs. Expect to pay ~$200+. You dont want an i3 but are considering a G4560? You should really take some time and research what you are talking about, and want. You have plenty of time between now and a "few months".
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