Using the "5050 RGB Headers" for things other than LED Lights or Fans?

So I've been planing to do a Ryzen build and am opting for the Biostar X370 GT3 Racing mATX-board, but since I plan on watercooling the cpu, I realized that I needed all the MoBo-fan headers I can get. So upon looking again at the MoBo of choice, I saw that it only provided 3 fan headers (one of them being the obligatory cpu-fan header), but it also includes 2 '5050 RGB'-4-Pin plugs. So I suppose my question is: Can I use those headers for things other than LED-Lighting, so for example usual case-fans or even PWM-ones?

Thanks in advance!
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    Don't, power on those headers is very low and fans could not be detected or regulated thru it.
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