PLEASE HELP! Cpu, psu, and case fan wont spin, gpu fan spins! Pc won't boot! Cpu and case fans spin after gpu removed

Until recently, my computer was working perfectly fine. And then suddenly it just shut off.
I opened up the case to check the problem, and my heatsink & case fans weren't running! The monitor is on and the gpu fan still spins, but my monitor is not recieving any signal.
When i remove the gpu and start it up again, the fans start spinning.
But now my motherboard can't handle having the gpu on while spinning the other fans simultaneously.
Ive only used my pc for around a month or so, its quite new.
I checked other forums with this problem and they say that my gpu could be dead.
Also, my PSU fan doesnt seem to spin.

Ive tried resetting cmos with no luck.

Update - resetting cmos worked for me, but 2 days later the fans stopped working again.

Is there any way to reset gpu clock speed without monitor? I know i'm being naive, but i want to make sure before i buy a new gpu.

Is there any way to fix this other than buying a new gpu?

Or maybe its just that my motherboard or cpu cant handle it?

Or maybe my psu is messed up?

I'd appreciate any help, thanks :)

Cpu - Intel Pentium G4560
Gpu - EVGA GTX 1050
Motherboard - MSI B250M PRO-VD
Ram - 8GB Kingston HyperX Fury
Psu - 430W EVGA PSU
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  1. Where would the switch be?
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  2. urbancamper said:
    There are many different versions of the EVGA GTX 1050. It is possible that you have a dual bios on your video card. If so flip the switch and perhaps it will turn it on at the next boot.
    Where would the switch be?
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  3. You say resetting CMOS worked temporarily? Have you checked to be sure your CMOS battery isn't running out of juice?
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