New Build, Everything working except Nvidia GPU - Not detected in Display adapters

I started a new build, and after a few hiccups, got the main parts together and working.
The only problem is the Geforce GTX 1050ti which does not show up in my display adapters in device manager. This prevents me from installing any drivers as the installers stop when they cannot detect a GPU so I am a little bit stuck with getting the GTX to work.

Build is not connected to the internet, so OS is Windows 8.1, downloading installers to another computer and USB'ing them across but this shouldn't be an issue as it is just about getting the hardware running.

I'm pulling my hair out with this one as I have taken apart the machine and put it together multiple times, checked and double-checked BIOS and tried a different GPU (AMD) which ended with the same result. Please Help!

Core i7-7700
GeForce GTX 1050ti
700W PS
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  1. One of your components may be dead. Assuming you bought everything new, there is a chance that 1) You got a card that died in transit, 2) You didn't properly deal with the static and static shock killed the card, or 3) The PCIe lanes on your motherboard are dead for either of the above reasons. You can try contacting a nearby computer store (Either a Best Buy or a PC repair shop) and having them take a look at the components. Alternatively, you can contact customer support for your motherboard and graphics card manufacturers and RMA new components.
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