Computer won't post, What should I replace?

So my computer had some problems before this all happened it blue screened when I started it up, so I reinstalled windows 10 on it and no problems then the next day it's just sluggish slow and takes forever to do somethings like open file explorer and such, So I reinstalled it again, same problems after a day, and now, nothing appears when I turn it on. I originally thought it was the hard drive, But it can't be if it doesn't display anything at all, Yes I changed monitors and still nothing displayed. So what can it possibly be, I tried different ram, nothing, I tried multiple things that tutoriales told me. So something has to be bad in it.

So what could it be, Is the problem the motherboard or something on it, Is it the CPU? Or is it some other problem I have no clue about, Any help would be much appreciated :)

The Specs I can see:
An I5 3330
The motherboard information I can see (I tried posting an Image, I don't know how...)
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  1. A computer running really slow the next day after a fresh install is very typical.
    This is because it is catching up on many windows updates, when you shut it off you may have disrupted an update and screwed things up.

    Download the newest copy of windows 10 from microsoft on a different computer and install it on your PC, let it get caught up on updates for a day or two, and if is still slow then we can look at potential hardware issues.
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  2. You also need to download hardware specific drivers for your motherboard from the OEM webiste.
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  3. Based on the age of the CPU in your computer, the first thing I would do is figure out what the temperature of the CPU is while idle and loaded.

    If you've had the system a while, it's quite possible that cooling of various components, the CPU especially, has degraded due to dust contamination.

    HWMonitor is an easy to use, free utility that can tell you both voltages and temperatures, which can help in troubleshooting.

    While Windows Updates can certainly have an impact on the overall performance of a PC while they are being installed, it doesn't normally have such a pronounced effect that the PC becomes unusable. If the CPU is overheating, you could be looking at the CPU throttling down to reduce heat and save itself from damage, which is a more pronounced performance degradation.
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  4. But the main problem is, it wont show anything at all, Yeah there was dust in the system at one point a little bit more than what to expected and I blew it all out. And by it showing nothing, I can't see anything nothing on boot even with hard drive out...
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  5. So, did the computer stop outputting to the display before or after you got into it and "blew it all out"?

    Here is a general troubleshooting checklist you might want to start going down:
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  6. bigpinkdragon286 said:
    So, did the computer stop outputting to the display before or after you got into it and "blew it all out"?

    Here is a general troubleshooting checklist you might want to start going down:

    It would have to be after I blew out the dust but I took it back inside and hooked it up to the TV and It was doing the same thing the computer was slow and was honestly terribly slow so I did the fresh install of windows (Again for the 3rd time) and it lasted another day or so and then it stopped outputting to the display. That link was very helpfull and one thing I noticed, When I take all the ram out of the computer it gives me NO beep errors But when I replace it with some ram I had it was 2*2 DDR3 (The ram before was 4*2 DDR3) and Im sure the speed was 1333mhz and the CPU supports that so when I put that ram into it, it gives me error codes saying there is no ram?
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