Overclock causing damage to GTXZ 1070?

evening all, just a quick question.

I had put on an overclock of +300 on the Core and + 300 on the memory, when i tried firestrike the whole program froze. ive now found a decent setting and the card seem to be running stable and cool.

When firestrike crashed when i did the +300 on the core and memory, would this of damaged the card? (damage that hasnt showen its ugly head yet?). or does the card have fail safes? ive got my power target set to 112%, is this a potential safety feuture?
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  1. sorry for the mistake in the title! GTX 1070*
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    Your card is perfectly fine. To find a cards limits you have to find where it will crash. The cards have built in protections. Heat is the biggest concerns because long periods of time exposed to high temperatures can damage a card. But the cards now throttle (slow down) when it gets hot (85C) for NVidia. It slows the card down until the temps come down. Does not matter what your clocks are set it, it slows it down automatically.
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  3. brilliant thank you! i can rest easy now :)
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  4. Oh, and 300 on the memory should not be a problem, but 300 on the core will make it crash. Start with small intervals of 5-10 and run a stress test in windowed mode so you can see your OC program and the stress test together. Bump up the clock 5-10 every couple of minutes till it crashes. Then you will know your limit.

    OC memory is a little different, but not much. Run the stress test just the same and bump the memory just the same, except this time you are looking for artifacts in the stress test. When they start to appear, you have met your memory limit.

    Set you power limit to 120%
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