Ryzen 1400 with GTX 1060 or Ryzen 1600 with GTX 1070?

I am looking to build a fairly budget system and I don't know if I would be better off with a 1400 and GTX 1060 6GB, 1600 with a 1070, or even a mix of the two (1600 with 10606GB). I know the 1600 with 1070 is much faster but is it worth the extra cost? I plan to overclock both CPUs and GPUs modestly, and will be doing 1080p gaming and some light video editing.
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  1. Seems like a 1400/1500X + 1060 6GB would be plenty for you.
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  2. For a balanced gamer, budget 2x the cpu cost for the graphics card.
    With your apparent budget, that would be the ryzen 1400 and a GTX1070.
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    The 1600 is under $200 depending on where you live, and a GTX1060 would be the sweet spot for price to performance. Right now video cards are way over priced, because of crypto mining. July 30th RX Vega will launch with 3 different versions, and this may be a good opportunity depending on prices. The 1060/550 offer gaming ultra/max setting at 1080p. 1600 comes with a CPU cooler capable of a small overclock.
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