Modern Warfare 2 & 3 major FPS drop in Windows 10

Hi there,

I have run several games including MW 2, 3, Black Ops and others over the years at 60 FPS with no issues at all. All of a sudden, since some recent Windows 10 updates I am getting major FPS drops in these games where I am dropping down to about 20-30 fps randomly during the game.

I've tried a bunch of fixes such as disabling Game Mode, switching off Game DVR and making sure all of my processors are working to no avail. My CPU and GPU aren't running too hot as I keep a close eye on temperatures through MSI Afterburner.

What I find most confusing is that after turning off or restarting a bunch of times the games seem to go back up to a constant 60 FPS. Next day I will turn the computer on and try again and it's back to 20-30 FPS. Very frustrating!

These are my specs -

Gigabyte H55M-S2V motherboard
Intel i5 quad core 760 2.8ghz processor
EVGA nVidia GTX670 - 2GB graphics card
2TB HDD (games) 160GB (OSS)

Can anyone please help regarding this.


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  1. This is a bit of a shot in the dark, but here it goes ...
    Assuming your drivers are up to date.

    Start your computer and let it go through its normal initialization. Give it a good couple of minutes. Check your Task Manager, The detailed view that shows all processes, sort list by CPU usage. Is there anything that seems to be active there regularly taking up more that about 1%? That might give you a clue.

    In my Win10 system I have a regular issue with some "Windows Management Instrumentation" (WMI) service using up 6-8% even when the system is supposed to be idle. The impact on games in my 4770k/GTX Titan is minimal, but might be more noticeable on other hardware.

    I haven't dug in enough to identify the root cause, but have a workaround for that particular issue. After I boot, I open the 'Services' panel (Alt-x, S, Services), find the "Windows Management Instrumentation" service, right-click in it and select "restart". Give the system a good 30 seconds to stabilize after that (several services restart as a result) and my idle system looks truly idle, hovering between 0-1% total.

    As I said, a shot in the dark, but definitely worth looking in your Taks Manager.
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    Thanks for the comment c4s2k3 but I think I've solved it. I realized it was happening on some games but not others. So I uninstalled the drivers, swept them clean using DDU and loaded up an old nVidia driver from about 6 months ago - straight back up to 60fps with no issues. Guess I will be sticking with these older drivers going forwards.
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