MSI 970 Gaming and AMD FX 6300 overclocking voltage issues

Hello, all. I am trying to overclock my AMD FX 6300 cpu with my MSI 970 gaming motherboard and have run into a bit of an issue.
Firstly, I am attempting this overclock using AMD overdrive, not the MSI 970 uefi/bios. Yes, I know that is not optimal. But when I attempt it through bios, the voltage does not seem to actually change, causing the pc to crash on boot.
Anyways, So far I am able to get the CPU to a stable 4.2ghz at 1.275v, which is great and all, but I'd like to go higher.
The voltage seems to be preventing me from doing that, however. Any time I try to raise the voltage above 1.275v on AMD Overdrive, it drops all of the cores clock speeds down to 3.0ghz instantly. Keep in mind this is with a thermal margin of 30c+ and chipset temp readings of ~40-45c. If someone could help me figure out my voltage issue, or enlighten me as to what I am doing wrong in bios, that would be great.
It's worth noting that I have disabled cool n quiet and turbo core. Thank you for reading!
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    I would recommend you to use BIOS for overclocking and not the Windows based software.

    Perhaps AMD Overdrive (AOD) is looking at your CPU stock voltage and only telling the CPU to ask for a VID of a 1.275V, as a result supplying more VCore through AOD may not work.

    Another possibility is that your 970 board is overheating, its is not as hardy as a 990 or 990FX chipset.
    Your CPU is fine.

    You might want to feel the VRMs (or their heatsinks) If they are burning hot means your VRMs are throttling and not supplying enough current, so your motherboard will throttle the CPU and reduce voltages so that it does not fry itself.

    If the VRMs are hot, attach a small fan 40-70mm (stock cooler fan would do fine) and blow directly on top of them.

    FX 6300 is very like the FX 4350 is my sig. with a good cooler and good board cooling, do expect up to 5.0 GHz, expect around 4.7-4.8 GHz.
    Do not go above 1.55V for 24/7.

    For 4.5 GHz you will need 1.35-1.45V
    For 4.8 GHz you will need 1.40-1.55V
    For 5.0 GHz you will need 1.50-1.70V some chips don't get here.

    Tower coolers/120mm/140mm AIOs will cool up to a 1.45V VCore
    240mm/280mm AIOs will cool up to a 1.50V VCore
    Only custom loops may push 1.55V without thermal throttling.

    Keep temps under 70 degrees Celcius in benching, 60 in gaming. You will be fine.

    Good luck in the silicon lottery. :)
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