Portable hard drive detected when connected, but any file explorer/software hangs indefinitely when attempting to access it

Hi all,
Long story short: this Toshiba portable hard drive does not respond to anything. Regardless of which PC it's connected to, the PC can detect it connected (A sound is made indicating there is something connected, it can seen as working within device manager). Attempting to access the hard drive however, whether its through HDtune or just through windows explorer, causes it to hang! The hard drive has to be disconnected to stop the hanging!
I attempted to access it in safe mode, and I get the exact same results. Anyone here know how I should approach this? Or if there's a way to recover the data on the hard drive?
Thanks for anything responses guys, Ive tried almost everything
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    In my experience, once they fail, you are basically screwed. recovery starts at about $600 US...

    The biggest issue I have with the newer portable drives is the direct USB3 interface on the circuit board. if it fails, the system is dead unless you have an identical one to scavenge the circuit board from. If the drive died back to recovery.
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