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So I was about to play a game of Rainbow Six: Siege and as I was loading in to the first round, my PC starts getting really slow and I couldn't click on anything. Then the taskbar on my second monitor just flashed and there was nothing on it. It was just a solid blue bar with no icons or start button, it didn't even have the date/time. I tried to shut it off by pressing the button and nothing happened. Then I held it down to force it to shut off, and nothing happened again. So I flipped the switch on the back of my PC and restarted. Everything came back up as if nothing had happened, and windows didn't even ask to resume or say there was an error.
A few days later my PC shuts off while I'm in a game of league of legends. This time it didn't freeze, it just completely shut off with no warning and then rebooted itself. Then it was fine for a day or two. Just not it had done the same thing while I was watching a YouTube video.
I just purchased a new PSU not too long ago and I ran memory checks and disk checks and everything said it was fine. I went into the administrative tools and checked the even viewer and it had a good amount of errors and warning in it.
my specs are:
AMD 6300 FX Black edition
Nvidia GTX 1070
8 gigs of ripjaw g-skill ddr3 ram
M5A99FX 2.0 pro motherboard
A gold certified evga 650 watt power supply
My hard drive is the same one that I took out of my old computer and I have had it for a few years.
Everything is well vented and nothing is overheating. Thank you in advance for anyone that has the time to help me out.
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    Hello... There are 3 sections we need to look at in the Event Viewer... Security, APPs and System. You can click on each recent 'RED" error and POST a screen shot of the "General and Detail" windows for us... expanding the panes for clear images of all the information B )

    You can also Clear each of those large logs... and start a fresh current log for when this problem(s) happens again...

    1) do you have any red or yellow warnings in your Device manager?
    2) Kernel 41 errors means the OS was not properly shut down by YOU or the hardware... in other words you could have caused this error when forcing the power off due to a "event" preceding the Kernel 41 error. B /
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