i5-3210m gt 630m = FIFA 18?


i have a gaming pc, but now i'm going on university and i have only my old laptop.

I love gaming, but i dont want to bring my gaming pc on college.

What can my old laptop run with i5-3210m, 8GB RAM and gt 630m (1GB) ? Can it run FIFA 18 with low settings?

Or is there somewhere good cheap "gaming" laptop?

Thx, KoM.
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  1. You'll probably be able to run FIFA 18 on low. I have a fairly old gaming laptop (not sure on the exact specs, but it has a GTX 460m) and it can run FIFA 17 on low.

    This site here has projected system requirements and a place for you to input your own system specs: http://www.game-debate.com/games/index.php?g_id=24174&game=FIFA%2018
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  2. Thx :) i really hate buying a new "gaming" laptop .. laptops are overpriced, 300$ gaming desktop pc is better than 1000$ "gaming" laptop. Market is bullsh*t.
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