6700K + Corsair h100i v2 thermal paste reapplication temps

Hey all,
I reapplied thermal paste for my heatsink, when I built it a few months ago I put the heatsink upside down and didnt want to lift it back up, so I left it. Eventually the seating got to me and I took it off, used a cleaning kit from my local PC shop (thermal paste remover and surface primer, usually i just use 91% isopropyl, but it was a set price with the arctic silver 5) and seated the cooler correctly, prior to thermal paste reapplication max temps at this OC was 49c, under heavy load. Now what im seeing is all the cores around 46-49c except for core#1 which spikes to 57-59c. Im just wondering is this usual? I used the pea method for thermal paste application which has never failed me in the past. The screws are firm but not super tight, ive built over a dozen computers over the years, havent really seen a spike in a single core like this before.

6700k @ 4.4ghz w/ h110i heatsink
gigabyte z170x gaming 3
16gb corsair vengeance 2133mhz
evga SC+ 1070 gtx
750 evga platinum PSU
256gb kingston ssd
2tb platter drive

Any insight would help, thanks a lot guys!
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    This is usual, my core 0 is about 9c higher than other cores on my i5 6600k. I wouldnt worry about it, as it is still stable
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