Intel i5 7600K and Noctua NH-U9b SE2 Cooler overclock

I'm building a new computer and I'm wondering if I can get around a 4.6 GHz with good temperatures with a Noctua air cooler.
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    I think that might be a lot to ask of such a small cooler. Hard to say, it's an older cooler and reviewers haven't gone back and retested it with newer cpu's. Relaxedtech did a test on it with an i7 3770k at 4.6ghz and under load the cpu got up to 93c which isn't great. I'd consider that a fail as 90c+ is far too hot for full load. It's basically a noctua branded hyper 212 evo which is a lower end budget type cooler.

    Hard to suggest anything without knowing what your budget is, case size, ram make/model (to determine how tall it is). That noctua only uses a 92mm fan, you'll likely want an air cooler with 120mm fan(s) and possible 2 fans.
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