Power supply running very loud.

So I have a Corsair CX550m semi modular power supply. When the fan turns on the noise is very loud. Without a doubt the loudest part of my system. So I was just wondering is this power supply known to be loud, or is something wrong with mine? Also, when the fan turns on it will run nonstop for HOURS, never turning back off unless I power down the system and let it sit. If this PSU is actually just that loud, can anyone recommend me a more quite solution.

I am running a ryzen 5 1600 @3.9GHz running at 1.33 Volts
MSI 1060 Gaming X 6gb
Asus b350-plus mobo
16gb corsair ram(2x8)

If any additional information is needed please let me know.
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    it should not be that loud.
    one of the main sales points is a quiet fan design. the fan is thermally controlled. maybe the thermistor is faulty causing the fan to run at full all the time
    return the unit
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