Fractal Design GP-14 140mm fans - Difference in the 'X2' version?

I'm buying a Fractal Design R5 case.

It comes with two fans and i've been advised to buy an additional third fan for cooling.
The stock fans it comes with are the: Fractal Design Dynamic GP14 140mm.
I'm not sure if this is the 'X2' version or not.

There's a price difference of:
GP-14: £11.99
GP-14 X2: £20.86

What's the main difference between these two? I'm not sure which to buy - keeping ambient noise down is my main consideration.

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    Main difference is the fan bearings used. GP fans use hydraulic bearing; GP X2 fans use "LLS bearing". The LLS bearings (probably just "marketing") increase the fan's MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) rating from the older GP hydraulic fans at 40,000 hours to the newer GP X2 LLS bearing fans iat 100,000 hours.

    Noise levels and airflow are the same for both types of fans as far as Fractal Design specs are concerned.

    Fans that come with the Define R5 are the GP fans.
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  2. LLS seams to mean: Bearing housing with high torque three lipped seals

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  3. For reference, there's 8760 hours in a year. So if you ran that pc 24/7, you could ostensibly expect those GP's for @4.5 years of continuous usage. If you only run the pc for @4hrs a day, those fans'll last more like 20 years, unless abused. While that's theory, reality is you'll get at least 5 yrs out of a pc, then move on up anyways, and no one keeps their old stuff (should say very few do) so case changes mean fan changes. Either of the fractals are premium quality fans, go with what's cheaper.
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