Extreme Stuttering and fps drops while playing games

hey everyone, ive been having this problem ever since i got my laptop and it keeps getting worse.
when i play any game, at first my fps is stable, and 5 minutes in, my fps goes up and down (80-30-20-50) and it is very annoying, especially when playin competitive overwatch.
i have a gtx 960m and i7 6700HQ with 8gb ram.
while playing, my temp can go up to 96 degrees.
i monitored my session with afterburner , and here are the results.

any help or advice would be appreciated
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  1. Sounds like its temps are throttling it, check all the cooling vents and fans...
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  2. That is thermal throttling. When GPU/CPU becomes too hot, it automatically reduces it's working frequency like GPU from 1200mhz to 200mhz to reduce the heat, that is why you see such "Extreme Stuttering and fps drops while playing games". Make sure when you're gaming the laptops cooling vents are open and consider buying additional accessories to cool-down your laptop.

    You might as well try reducing game-detail quality or locking fps at a specific amount, so the GPU/CPU don't have to over-work.
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    Most laptops I've seen using Maxwell (8xxm, 9xxm) and newer GPUs paired with a quad core, it's actually the CPU which generates the most heat. Unless you've got one of the fancier laptops with dual split heat channels, the heat from the CPU can migrate to the GPU and cause it to throttle even though the GPU itself isn't generating enough heat to make it throttle. As the CPU isn't as important for most games, you can try:

    • Turning off hyperthreading in the BIOS.
    • Disable turbo boost. In the power options, click the current power profile -> change plan settings -> advanced -> processor power management -> maximum processor state. Drop it a notch from 100% to 99%.
    • Limit the max processor speed (heat production increases nonlinearly with clock speed). Same method as disabling turbo boost, but decrease the % even more.
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