Msi 970 gaming + FX 8350?

I have a ASrock 970 pro 3 R2.0 with my FX 8350 It's overheating with my liquid cooling because the vrm get's hot and It's a crappy board that's what I heard. So I'm planning on upgrading my motherboard to a msi 970 gaming and will the overheating on my CPU go away even if I use my liquid cooling?
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    I have the same MB with FX 6300 Black Edition and it doesn't overheat. I would suggest to take a look at your cooler. All in one water coolers aren't really the best as they advertise them ;) I only have a Cooler Master 212 EVO cooler with only one 120 mm fan and it doesn't overheat even when i render. Maybe your paste is dry or you maybe made some mistakes while installing you cooler. STILL ASRock MB are crap :D If you can afford one , get those MSI MB cause they are great :) Hope i helped you.
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  2. If you're going to buy a new board just for that, I'd advise something with 8+2 VRMs like the GA-970-UD3P
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