Idle temps around 40-50 degrees, under load is around 80-90 after exhaust fan stopped working

So, upgraded my PSU to another one which is working a lot better than the one I used to have before.

In the process of where I was taking off all the wires in order to transfer power supplies, a red cable in my rear exhaust case fan fell out. Now the fan refuses to work.

I have 1 fan up front for an intake fan, and the system has been cool every time I ran it before the exhaust fan stopped working. Now, I am getting around 40-50 degrees on idle and browsing the web and around 80-90 degrees under load. I know these are not good temperatures, but I made it better by opening up a huge hole on the top side of my case, where it has the option to add a 140mm fan.

My question is- I'm planning to get new exhaust fans and a CPU cooler in around a month. Do you think I have enough time or will the temperatures be too much for the computer to handle for that time? I won't be home this week, so won't be on it that much, and I don't go on the computer for more than 2-3 hours a day, if at all. Thanks so much for the support!
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    I LOVE Frankenstien solutions so post a pic if you can. It's awesome that you decided to modify your case rather than replace the part that needed to be replaced.

    In all seriousness there may have been more damage in the transfer or not a lot of re-plugging in. The CPU cooler fan should be working, just needs to be plugged in, if not; wait until your new components arrive.
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