Liquid cooling Temps with FX-8350

I have just got an FX-8350 and it works amazing, getting scores of 700+ on cinebench at 4.7GHz but one day I booted it and noticed it was lagging quite a lot and when I looked at the temps, it said it was 55-60c at idle for 5 mins and then it shot to 80 in a matter of 5 seconds when I stressed the CPU using CPUZ. Here is my Setup, all questions welcome...

FX-8350 @ 4.0GHz (usually 4.7-5.0)
MSI 970a-g43 motherboard
RX470 4GB
16GB 2133 hyperx savage
CoolerMaster Seidon 120V v2 cooler
500 watt 80+bronze PSU from Cronus
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    The board is very very poor , has no heatsinks on the VRM and has a poor power phase design , should not be used to overclock and a 120mm liquid cooler won't keep temps down on the board.

    PSU is also a poor choice.
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  2. Did you just buy that new? I would question why you bought an almost 10 year old CPU at this point that's know to have more heat than the sun when they are 100 other better options.

    That said, something doesn't seem right with the cooler. I have a 8320 and a Seidon and I can hit 4.82GHZ before I hit 80c
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