How to install new SSD as primary drive on existing RAID1 system?

I've got a machine running 2x1TB HDDs in RAID1, which are the only drives on the system. Therefore, they're the boot drives running Windows 10. Lots of data and programs on them. I would like to install a 500GB SSD as the primary drive with the OS and keep the two RAID1 drives as secondary drives (also keeping the RAID1 configuration).

If I simply install W10 on the SSD and designate it as the primary drive, doing nothing else - will the RAID1 drives continue to function as before (even though there is an existing copy of W10 on them)? Will we possibly be able to run the programs that are on them, or need to reinstall? Or will the drives need to be wiped entirely and RAID reconfigured?

Obviously I've backed up all the data and save files, etc., before doing anything, but just want to know if this is the right approach at all. Most threads I've seen on this topic involve replacing a primary HDD with a SSD where a RAID array is already the secondary drive - not installing a SSD to take over as the primary for a RAID array which is the existing primary. Generally I'm OK at figuring this kind of thing out, but I've never dealt with this specific situation before.
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  1. With a new OS, any applications will need to be reinstalled. RAID or no RAID.
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  2. In addition to what USAFRet says, yes if you install an SSD with win 10 on it the RAID 1 will continue to function, but if you boot from the SSD you Will Not be able to run applications loaded on the RAID set. The best approach to take is exactly what you've done, complete backup, fresh install of win10 to SSD. To clean the RAID just use diskpart, clean the partition and start over with a fresh clean RAID set for storage or installation of applications.
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  3. Well, thanks for confirming what I was hoping was the right answer (but was also afraid of). Man, there are a LOT of things on those RAID disks, and reinstalling them all and matching the save files to everything is going to be a pain. But I suppose it'll also be a good time to do a bit of housecleaning. It's always eye-opening how building or rebuilding a system makes you think about only what you REALLY need.

    Anyway, thanks for the help.
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