5.1 surround sound only front left and right speakerss working

i just got these hyperx stingers which have 2 3.5 mm jacks 1 for sound 1 for mic it says it has 5.1 surround sound but when i test it in the playback option and realtek manager they both only have the front left and right speakers working. Please help if you have a solution. p.s when i test like the rear speakers i cant hear anything but the speaker picks up something because the bars go up as if there was volume just i cant hear it.
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  1. also if i did not explain it well enough i will gladly describe it in more detail im not the best at explaining things.
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    If these are your headphones
    I don't see any mention of surround sound.
    If the headphones only have a 2 channel analog input they can't accept 5,1 channels from the PC. If you set the PC to 5.1 you will only hear sound when the front channels are active. You will loose all center channel dialogue and surround effects. Set the PC to 2.0
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