MSI GTX 1080 Ti Seahawk X running too hot?

I have a feeling something might be wrong with my card as it reaches a maximum temperature of around 75C in a closed cased (Define Nano S).

I previously had the GTX 1080 Seahawk and remember the max temp being around 50C under full load.

There are no reviews of this card yet to compare my thermals but maybe if someone else has this card I could get a better idea of where I stand.

It doesn't make much sense that a card with a 50W or so higher TDP would reach a temperature of 25C more. I will do an open case test to see if the airflow in my case is limiting the cooling potential but being cooled by an AIO cooler, most of the hot air should be exhausted directly out the case through the radiator and blower style fan.

Maybe I could re-paste the GPU in case my temps are too high which seems to be the case since air cooled cards achieve similar temps in a closed case scenario.
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  1. You're worrying too much, relax, 75C is fine.
    I believe the 1080Ti has a TDP of 250w vs 180w for the 1080, so it's going to be hotter. GPUs are fine until you get ~100C, so until you start seeing temperatures of 90+ you have nothing to worry about. And if it does get warmer than it currently is, you can always change the fan speed profile to cool it more aggressively.
  2. How's the rest of your case ventilation?
  3. So I tried the same test with the case open and/ or the top open and the card did not exceed 60 C.

    It is now clear that there is poor ventilation in the case so I will try to increase the fan speeds/ play around with the fan orientation or just leave the top open.
  4. Add more case fans and let them run at non-max speeds.
    I do that too, i have fans in 4 positions of 5 running at 700-1000RPM and quiet af pc, only noisy asshole is the HDD.
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    I wouldn't worry unless temps regularly went into the 90's. In a closed case environment 75c is a normal GPU temperature. In fact my GTX 1080 ti gets 71c just in the short benchmark runs of 3dmark timespy.
  6. Yes buddy your gpu is running hotter. Msi did a silly job by not linking the radiator fan to the gpu. What this means is the user has to provide his own source for cooling for the gpu. Yes its true people claim you can link the fan speed to the cpu temp which is ridiculous and stupid because the cpu does its own job and the gpu also does its own job. Most games are gpu dependant do they will put pressure on the gpu and leave the cpu literally idle. When there's no too much load on the cpu temps are lower especially when you have a better liquid cooler installed for it. So the consequence is your gpu will be running hotter beacause of load but since its cooling is depending on the cpu, the fan will be running slower irregardless of the gpu temp. And again if there's load on the cpu for takes like browsing heavy web pages and extracting files, compression etc, your gpu fan which they say you should connect to the chassis fan 1 port will be running at top speed making so much noise meanwhile the gpu is idling. I have ritoro cr 1280 rgb full tower gaming case and my case is ALWAYS closed. I have the same msi gtx 1080ti sea hawk x and Im forced to set my fan (2300 rpm radiator fan from lepa) to run at 85% when the cpu temp is 45 degrees Celsius because my idle temps for the cpu is 40 degrees (6700k OC to 4.6Ghz / adaptive voltage of 1.325) and when playing games at 4k, its around 70 degrees in some games and in most games its at 43 degrees. (WTF MSI) so by asking the chassis fan 1 to go at a whooping 85 % at 45 degrees gives me a GPU temp while gaming at maximum 54 degrees Celsius and average 48 degrees. Idle temp is 33 degrees with the chassis fan at 40%. I hope this will be helpful
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