ASRock AB350 Pro4 & AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Stock CPU Cooler - It doesn't fit!


I just purchased a new Ryzen CPU and a new ASRock motherboard to go along with it. As far as I am aware, they should be compatible. However, the stock cooler from my Ryzen CPU does not fit the motherboard. It seems to me that the screws are too high up to fit into the back panel behind the CPU slot on the motherboard. I can get 1 screw in at most but that screws the cooler in lopsided, making it impossible to get any other screws in. If i try to level each of the screws and screw them in evenly, none of them get screwed in. I am able to remove the back panel and screw the cooler directly into it which leads me to believe that the problem is that placing the cooler ontop of the CPU is leaving too much space between the screws and the back panel (I do not claim to be a computer expert so please take my opinion with a grain of salt). I purchased a custom CPU cooler (DEEPCOOL Gammaxx 400) that was advertised to be compatible with an AM4 CPU and motherboard but it did not fit either. If anyone has a solution or a recommendation of a CPU cooler that would fit my setup, I would greatly appreciate it.

I have also included a few pictures of my hardware in this Imgur post:

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  1. Update: I have seen your imgur pictures and you have removed those black blocks. So, it should fit.

    On my Gigabyte board I remember it being a bit cumbersome to screw them - required me to screw evenly but after applying some pressure on all holes. I had done it in a way where I had first screwed a bit on top left, then bottom right, then moving up to top right, then moving down to bottom left; once all had been in place, I had fastened them all to maximum. It took some time though.

    Sorry that I could not be of help.

    Previous message was as follows :

    I can not open the imgur link, so have to fly blind here.

    Did you follow CPU cooler assembly instructions on your manual or instruction sheet?

    My motherboard came with two black blocks installed around CPU socket and the Ryzen 1700 cooler did not fit.

    Looks like there are at least two types of Ryzen coolers which are installed differently. My stock cooler was the second type.

    I folowed instructions from installation sheet, removed those black blocks and screwed in the stock cooler.

    This might be your problem.
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  2. I had the same problem the Noctua bracket. It seemed off by a few mm, but when I did the screws together, little by litt,e then it worked fine. Running 3.850 GHz so it must be doing something!
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  3. Same issue here.... ASRock AB350 Pro4, Ryzen 7 1700, stock cooler (Wraith Spire LED).

    I had to press pretty hard to get the last screw to engage. Put your hand right behind that screw to support the board.
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  4. I have the exact setup bro, no issues here.

    Just remove the black brackets and screw it on :)
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