Need some help choosing between a few different PSU's

I have a bit of money on ebay gift cards, so I need to order the PSU from ebay. I most likely want to use ebay newegg. On my current working system I use the Evga Supernova and it runs wonderful. The other system i'm building is a bit weaker. Here are the specs:

i5 4460
Asus B85M-G - Non OC
750ti gfx card (Upgrading later to a 1060 or so)
8gb ddr3

Here are the ones i'm looking at, they are all pretty close in price.

750w -



Also, theres this one for $40, but it's refurbished:

Would the cheaper one be okay with a 1060?

Is higher watts usually better?
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  1. Among the three you are looking at, the EVGA SuperNOVA G2 550 is the best in quality, reliability, efficiency, and has more than enough wattage (even for future upgrades to a more powerful GPU or CPU).

    Recommendation: Get the 550W.

    In your edited post, do not get the EVGA 80+ 600W. For one, it is of lower-quality (even new). Secondly, it's refurbished.
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  2. 550W is enough even if I wanted to put a 1080 in there eventually? 2 hd's and a ssd?

    Is there any benefit at all for the 750W? since they are the same price..

    The 550W is refurbished too :( Should I still get the 550W G2 if it's manufacturer refurbished?
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  3. Yes, the EVGA SuperNOVA G2 550 is MORE than enough for your rig even if you get the GTX 1080, 2 HDDs and an SSD.

    It's not all about wattages, but, the quality of the actual PSU model in question. The EVGA SuperNOVA G2 Series, with 7-year warranty, is based on Super Flower's Leadex Gold platform (one of the best OEM in the PSU business). It is very high quality compared to the other EVGA series.

    The only benefit of having 750W is having more amps at the +12V rail and (usually) more PCIe supplementary power connectors (usually for multi-GPU setups, which you won't need). The G2 550 already comes with 2x 6-pin and 2x 6+2 (8) pin connectors. It is rated at 50*C oper. temp., and is fully-modular (you'll only plug in the cables you need).
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  4. If you have a tight budget, try to look for good-quality PSU alternatives:

    Seasonic G-550
    Corsair CX550M (2015 ed.)
    Seasonic M12II-520 EVO

    check the above-mentioned PSUs if the price is okay with you.
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  5. Yeah those don't look that bad. cheapest was Seasonic M12II-520 Evo for $55. You don't recommend manufacturer refurbished then? I might grab the 550 G2 off amazon for $80 new. How is the Seasonic M12II? I notice it has detachable cables, which is the main reason why I want the supernova's.

    The only thing i'm worried about with PSU's besides the supernova's is coil whine. I had to change out an older 700W PSU because of coil whine and when I got the 850 G2, the coil whine pretty much became 90% lower.
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    The Seasonic M12II EVO's are good-quality PSU as well, esp. for the price. Seasonic makes their own PSUs (unlike EVGA's which are outsourced to OEM's such as Super Flower and even Seasonic).

    Both EVGA G2 and Seasonic M12II have fully modular cables. However, the M12II is rated at 40C (compared to the G2's 50C) oper. temp. and the M12II has 5-year warranty (compared to the G2's 7-year).

    Between the two PSUs, I would personally get the EVGA G2, if your budget fits (note that 2 of my builds use the Seasonic M12II and have been great so far).
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  7. Yeah, i'm still leaning towards the EVGA G2. Would the 550W G2 perform pretty much the same way (no coil whine) as my 850 G2?
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  8. Yes, it should be of the same great quality as other G2 models. The 550 G2 does have an extra ECO Mode feature (which I think the 850 G2 doesn't have). When the ECO switch is turned on, the fan will not spin until the PSU takes in 25% load.
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  9. Yeah my 850 G2 has that too, pretty awesome!
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