Which is a better partner for G4560? RX570 or GTX1060?

So which will be the better performer between the two in gaming when combined with a G4560 in 1080p? The RX570 4GB or the GTX1060 3GB? Since their prices are somehow identical here in my place. Will it bottleneck the GPUs? I wonder if the extra VRAM of the AMD card will be of a very significant edge against the 1060.
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    The 1060 or the 570 won't be bottlenecked by the G4560 so it is more a question of what games you will play and at what resolution.

    The cards are of relatively similar performance, the 1060-3GB shows to be a little faster. I would tend to lean towards the higher VRAM as current games seem to be using more VRAM, but again it depends on which games are being played.
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  2. It probably wont really make a difference but Nvidia's cards tend to have alot less CPU overhead thus they dont require as much CPU power. It may also be hard to get ahold of an RX 570 since from my personal experience I can't find any in stock.
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