cvLowe : Problem with System Booting.

From: cvLowe
Sent on: June 14, 2017 3:26 AM
Lately i've been having a problem with my computer where when i press the power button, everything lights up, fans light up and run, motherboard lights up, GPU fans turn on, CPU cooler is running, but the monitor receives no signal. I have a spare GPU lying around, do i need to try to put that in place of the current?? Please Help.

CVLove: I don't answer in private questions so here is your posted for all to help out with your issue.

1. could you describe your cpu, motherboard , ram, video card and power supply please (make and model)
2. in a pinch you could try your alternate video card, but if it is a weaker video card, and the system boots properly it could still be a power supply issue... but your instinct are good.

I will truly be sure its not a PSU after you provide more details about your system
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  1. Give us your specs. After that try a to use a different hdmi cable and also a monitor. If it doesn't works swap the cards. If it still doesn't works it might be a psu problem. :)
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