TV won't recognise PC (no signal) anymore through HDMI

So basically, I have a computer (desktop) that is connected to a TV through HDMI. The computer used to be able to connect to the TV fine and everything was working normal.

Suddenly one day about a month ago, my TV just suddenly stops receiving connection from my PC (No signal). Sometimes it would work for a few days but then it would just die again for a long time.

I've tried using different HDMI cables, I've tried different outputs on the TV and the TV works fine with other computers and my Xbox one in the room. Anyone able to help?

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  1. Did your display settings on your pc change to an out of range limit that can't be displayed on the tv? Check resolution and refresh rates would be my first stop.
  2. That could've been the case actually. If so, how do I change the display settingson my PC with the no signal thing (sorry im not the best at all of this)
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    Hit F8 every second or so on bootup and get it into safemode. Then reset the video resolution or even remove the drivers for the video if you have to then once booted back into regular windows reinstall it and make sure you don't exceed the video capabilities of your tv.
  4. I've had this issue for a little while. I've solved it by changing the refresh rate to 30hz as my tv doesn't support 60hz through hdmi i guess, but on the box and everything else it works just fine
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