Need to hard wire New gaming PC build to internet.. need router advice

So I built my first gaming PC build this week, got it up and running, and installed Windows. I will be using the PC in my bedroom on the second floor, and the XFINITY gateway is in the middle of the first floor (so I will not be hard wiring to that). I will be using my PC for gaming as well as streaming to my channel. I want to hard wire my PC to the network and I have a cable line coming into my bedroom. I know I can connect a router to my cable line, but need help with what router to buy. We have XFINITY Comcast internet service, and I am wondering if someone could suggest an affordable (not cheap but not $250) router that will be good for my situation. Like I stated earlier, I will be using my PC for gaming as well as streaming. Thank you for your time.
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    You can not just cable a router to the cable jack in your room. The router would have to have a cable modem in it and those only talk to the ISP not other cable modems. It technically would work but you would have to pay for a second internet connection in your house with a second monthly fee.

    I would consider powerline networks something like av2-1200 models work fairly well. There are device that will let you use the coax called MoCA. They are fairly expensive and are not compatible with all cable tv. Not sure about comcast, if you do not buy tv from them it should work other wise you need to do your research. The whole house dvr things tend to use the same bandwidth MoCA is attempting to.
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