Very Slow Game Loading with new WD Black 2TB

Hey everyone,

Back in January I went from a WD Caviar Black 500 gb to a new WD Black 2TB HDD. At the time I had no issues, but now I am noticing a trend regarding loading issues with video games, and I am wondering if it might be related to my HDD.

I have had a problem in Overwatch where maybe 1/10 games, assets will not load and i will play like 3 minutes seeing no character models or guns. In PU's Battlegrounds I will sometimes hear sounds and be able to move my character but not load the visuals until minutes of gametime have passed.

I used HD Tune yesterday and on 3 tests got 3 different average transfer times - 40 Mb/S, 130 Mb/s, and 60 Mb/s. These seem very inconsistent. The Windows tool and the HD Tune tool found no issues with the hard drive, though.

I have 8gb of Ram, a GTX 1060 6GB, and an MSI H77MA - G43 Micro ATX Mobo. My CPU is i5 3570k.

Any ideas?

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    What you are describing has nothing to do with the hard drive.
    Look to the video cards settings/overclocking/stability and game (mods) settings first.
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