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I'm building a new PC and i've narrowed down my graphics card to the ROG STRIX GTX but i'm not sure which version to choose. One is the 11G and the other is the O11G. Looking online all I see are reviews for the O11G variant.

If someone could give me some insight on which version to purchase that would be great. Below are the two product names I'm referring too.

My goal is to run 4k 60 FPS at a reasonable GPU temp. I'm wondering if its worth the extra $100 for the O11G model or if I should just go with the normal /base clock speed.

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  1. the O11G is only have difference in clock, the O11G is factory overclocked, i suggest you to get the 11G, because i dont think that $100 is worth of buying with only factory overclocked difference, with the cheaper one you can get the same clock by overclocking it by yourself and save $100 which is more worth it
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