Rise of the Tomb Raider MAJOR graphic issues on a high end PC (GTX 1070, I7 7700k)

GPU - GTX 1070 Gaming X
CPU - I7 7700K
CPU Fan - Cooler Master MasterAir 3
MB - b150m Pro VD
PSU - Chieftec CTG-750c 750w
HDD - WD Blue 1TB Desktop Hard Disk Drive (wdc wd10ezex 21wn4a0, to be percise)

ALL drivers are up to date. I DO NOT have an SSD.

Hi guys, I hope you can help me figure out what the problem might be because I've been searching all over without any luck.
I'm having serious problems with my PC when gaming is concerned but I'll be concentrating on pop in issues.

In many games, especially open world ones, I've noticed objects popping in but they weren't so major that I honestly didn't know if that was normal or an issue with my PC. However, now that I've done a benchmark of Rise of the Tomb Raider the pop in was MAJOR.

I've put a video of it down below, and I hope someone here can help me understand what could be wrong with my PC. I'd like to add that the settings are set to MAX, the resolution is 1080p, Directx12 is ON and the Anti-Aliasing is FXAA.

P.S. The flickering on the dome in my benchmark is also something I've noticed in other games and don't know why they happen. The flickering in this benchmark stops when I set Anti-Aliasing to SSAAx4 which is a performance killer.
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  1. Try reinstalling the game. Sounds like the render engine is doing some janky stuff.
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