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Hello guys , I just need to ask if it will be best to pick ASRock H110M - HDV (i know i need to update the bios) rather than spending more for B250M Pro4. Is B250M worth buying for the features ? I will only use it for gaming. I will use the G4560 kabylake processor but looking forward for upgradability. I will put the prices of both motherboards just so you all know (converted to USD).

ASRock H110M - HDV : $63.58
ASRock B250M - Pro4 : $86.79
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  1. You can't update the BIOS on a H110 without a SkYlake CPU so for the G4560 get a B250.
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  2. What if i can update the bios? Is the H110M good enough for gaming and upgradability or do you still recommend the B250M
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    Yes it's fine but I would go with the B250 and some DDR4 2400 modules.
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  4. What he said, also the price difference is so small, that it isn't worth risking it with the H110.
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  5. Someone said that if I use a kabylake cpu the ram will run at 2400 is that not true?
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  6. Thank you for answering my questions! I already got what i wanted to hear.
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  7. B250 and DDR4 will run at 2400 is correct.
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