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So i have a dell optiplex gx 620 i got for free and i thought a cool summer project/chalange would be to do as much upgrades for under 50 as i can amd see what i end up with it has a pentium 4 ht with the lga 775 socket and i was curious if i could use a core 2 quad with a 775 socket to upgrade the pentium thanks for the help
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  1. Yeah, same socket CPU's should work just fine.
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    lakimens said:
    Yeah, same socket CPU's should work just fine.

    Not even remotely true for LGA 775. Anything that came with a Pentium 4 is most probably NOT going to work with a Core2Quad. Not even with a BIOS update. If it shipped with a Pentium 4 it likely only supports a Pentium D max.

    Even more so that it's an OEM computer. Dell buys in bulk and has no reason to allow future upgrades via BIOS. If they let you upgrade you wouldn't buy a new computer as quickly. So OEM boards usually only support the 3 or 4 specific CPUs that model was offered with.
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  3. Yeah, I just googled and the most it will run is Pentium D.
    Sorry for misinformation :(
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  4. As said above. The Core2 series required a new voltage regulation revision so existing boards did NOT work with them.

    The chipset may be a hint to if a newer cpu could work or not. Chances are you are stuck.
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  5. I just read specifically about the Optipelx GX 620 on Dell's forums.
    It's not possible to go higher than Pentium D.
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  6. Total BS about Pentium 4 Pentium D computers not running Core 2/Quad. Some of them will, and some of them won't. It depends on the chipset, and whether an updated BIOS was offered. The Dimension E520 in my sig. came with P4/D originally and the 965 chipset also supports C2D/Quads 65nm. The fact that it ran 130W Pentium Ds also means it can support Core 2 Extremes like the QX6800 I'm running, and overclocking too.
    But for your specific computer the answer is no.
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  7. From Wikipedia:

    " i845GV/GE/i848P/i865G/GV/P/PE/i910GL/i915G/GL/GV/P/PL/i925X/XE/i945/955/i945G/P/ i955X/i946/946GZ/PL/965/i975/Q965/P965/G965/Q963/i975X/ X35/P35/Q35/G35/P33/G33/Q33/P31/G31/X38/X48/P45/P43/G45/G43/G41/B43/Q43/Q45

    ^ That's a list of LGA 775 chipsets. Core2 was released with the 975X with the 965 variants following closely behind. So you literally got a Core2 specific chipset. They were always backwards compatible. So I'm not sure what you think is invalidated?

    Also this thread is from last June. Please don't necropost.
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