Should i upgrade my cpu.mobo/ram combo or gpu

Hi All,

I was just wandering if i should upgrade my gpu first or cpu,mobo and ram combo first?

Specs are core i5 3470, gtx 970 and 16gb ddr3 ram.

I mostly do play grapgically demanding games such as arkham knight but i understand how much of a poor port it was but i seem to run it okay but with the release of new games at e3 this year what would serve me better?

Will i hit serious road blocks with the cpu anytime soon playing the newest games on the highest setting? I am only using a 1080p monitor.

Thanks in advance
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    Have you had any performance issues in any game yet? If so, which one? If you haven't had any problems, I wouldn't worry about upgrading. It's not a curve you need to stay ahead of, it's an issue you deal with if it happens.

    If I had to guess, at 1080p you're probably going to need a CPU upgrade before you need a videocard upgrade. If something like Ghost Recon Wildlands is an indication of where games are going, that 970 should be useful at 1080p much longer than an i5 will be.
  2. If you're dieing to spend money on your system, think about SSDs, if you don't already have one. Otherwise, you're doing fine. I would depart from the previous response though, in this way, if you're running high hz monitor(144 or 160), then you might want to think about a 1080, or if you're running a 1440 display.
  3. Thanks for the reply guys really appreciate it.

    I see what you guys are saying i dont have any issues at the moment but with arkham knight i do see screen tearing when everything is on the highest graphics setting with all the bells and whistles.

    Would this be a cpu or gpu issue or is it the port that's the problem of the game? If and when it comes time what would i need to upgrade first?

    Thanks again guys
  4. without G-Synch/Freesynch or really high frame rates, you'll get artifacting. It's a standard feature.
  5. As in heat issues.

    Adding more fans and water cooling i assume would be highly beneficial?

    I'll focus on that as well as an ssd then. Really appreciate the information though.
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