Laptop with Dual-Monitors and a thunderbolt 3 dock/adapter

So i've been thinking about buying the Lenovo Legion Y-720 (has thunderbolt 3) gaming laptop, 2 monitors, headset and a mouse and a keyboard.
Since i'm a student i'm going to bring my laptop to school everyday. So what i want with this is to be able, every day when i get home, to just plug the thunderbolt 3 into my laptop wich i will place on a shelf under my desk preferably closed, during gaming and homework hours.

My question is:
Can this be done with a thunderbolt 3 adapter, or do i need a thunderbolt 3 dock? If i want to turn on the laptop, without actually flipping it open.

And will i be able yo play heavy FPS games, such as Battlefield and COD etc?

Been thinking about maybe getting the Lenovo thinkpad thunderbolt 3 dock or something simular for this.

Thanks in advance. All help is appreciated
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    do you mean you are going to use 2 external monitors and not using the laptop screen by closing the lid? correct me if i get it wrong. for sure im not sure if a single thunderbolt 3 can output to 2 monitors or not, you can use 1 display with thunderbolt and other one with hdmi
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