Need help in choice cable for my PSU?

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    Yes, both CP-8920049 (red) and CP-8920050 (white) are compatible with the RM550 Corsair PSU:

    AXI Series – 1500/1200/860/760
    AX Series – 860/760
    HX Series – 1050/850/750/650
    HXi Series – 1200/1000/850/750
    TXM Series – 850/750/650/550
    CXM Series – 750/600/500/430
    CSM Series – 850/750/650/550/450
    RM Series – 1000/850/750/650/550/450


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  2. for my motherboad do i need get that cable For Asus Prime Z270-A
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  3. It's an optional item, IF you don't have the ATX 24-pin in your RM550 PSU. The only reasons you are buying those individually-sleeved cable kits are 1) your PSU's cables are missing or not working, and 2) for aesthetics.

    So, if you want to match all cables *or* your PSU's ATX 24-pin cable is not functioning, then, you can get the sleeved 24-pin cable set alongside the other cable kit.
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