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Hello guys, i just want to ask if theres a big difference on features between H110M motherboard (i know the bios update) and a B250M motherboard just for gaming. I only want to put 1 SSD in there in the future.The only lowest priced B250 motherboard in my country is B250M Pro4 which is priced at $86.81 (converted to US $). I'm going for a G4560 but looking forward to upgrade the processor without changing the motherboard.
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    If you have a solution to the bios problem then an h110 is not lacking much. The ram will run at 2133 and you won't have optane support but nothing else I can think of.
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  2. Actually I'm wrong if you use a Kaby lake cpu the ram will still run at 2400
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  3. I dont really know what optane support (new to pc building) is, is it important in the future?
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  4. Thank you for the answer jpe1701, you're the best!
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  5. Not really that important, it's a New type of memory tech from Intel. You are welcome, glad to help.
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