Will a GTX 1060 6gb Single fan/small work in my optiplex 990 Mini Tower?

I currently have an i5-2500 and a GTX 950 that works fine in it. But it uses Legacy Bios. I'm not sure if the 1060 supports that. But in my bios there is an option to use a UEFI boot mode. Would that change anything?
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    It should work either way. I had a GTX 1060 (3GB) that worked in every new and old PC I have. Some as old as socket 775. It ran fine on my 1366 socket board as well. Nvidia has been pretty good about BIOS/UEFI compatibility.
    On the other hand, I've experienced some issues with some AMD cards.
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  2. 750ti's and 960's will run in those setups so a 1060 should run too.
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