[SOLVED]Not entirely sure what this noise is (I believe graphics card)

So I've just been having noise after noise with this thing (gtx 1080) and I should probably just RMA it but I'm trying my hardest not to do that... But recently I've had a squeaking issue which I believe to be a fan which probably shouldnt do that and now I've been having issues with a rattling issue.

I can't force the rattling to happen* so it's hard to test it but it only happens so far in 2 games. Both games are very intensive so I believe it to be the graphics card but I guess it could also be the PSU.

*I can just launch the game and wait a while for it to happen again, but I can't force it without the games being open

The noise in question: https://youtu.be/bHY8xT8uaow
You may have to increase the volume to hear it over the fan. It sounds like pebbles getting tossed around a box.

Does anybody know what this sound is and if it's fixable or not?

i guess my CPU fan had a little bump in the led strip on it that was just high enough that when the fan really got going at high speeds the wobble would cause it to hit. I pushed the spot down and flattened it and I no longer get that noise.
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  1. The best advice i can give you now is to clean everything in your computer.
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