Asus dual rx 480 or Gigabyte Aorus Rx 570

I have an i5 3470
12 gb ram
Z77 mobo
550 watt psu
The rx 570 costs $262 and the rx 480 costs $270 and a gtx 1060 3 gb costs $265. Which is the best card for the price mentioned?
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  1. As you can see in this review,review-33866.html , those cards will have different performance depending on game. There are games where each of those cards triumphs. So hard to answer your question.
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    The 480 mate if its available to you.
    While the 570 matches it on some titles due to the big core clock increase the 480 on a hardware level has more shader units & is a more powerful card hands down.

    1060 3gb is weaker full stop, don't even consider it.
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