I need help with cable management for Wall entertainment Center

How would I go about this, it's not like I can move the thing . Or get behind it



P.S : Yes, I am aware about stacking situation.
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  1. It doesn't look built-in, why do you say you can't get behind it?
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  2. Because I can't move a 1,500+ pound wooden entertainment center. And I don't have the tools/ time to disassemble it then move it.
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  3. Have you ever used furniture sliders -- If you can tilt it a little you can probably move it.
    BUT if you still can't move it then cable pulling fish stix may be the answer --
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  4. Isn't there a way just to work around it. Like not moving it.
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  5. Bulletproof123 said:
    Isn't there a way just to work around it. Like not moving it.

    That is why I posted the link to the fish stix. If you have to fish cable behind it you need something thin that you can use to push or pull cables.
    But, moving it is best IMO.
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    You can use something like this
    or this
    For the interior cables I would try to hide them with a panel or black felt. There isn't a good way to organize all the cables for a shelf full of secondary devices that are next to each other.
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