Unable to boot after installing new motherboard

I have (had) a prebuilt computer that's growing old: An HP-h8-1070t. I decided it was time for a small upgrade of the GPU: 550ti -> EVGA 1050ti. Unfortunately do to the old BIOS, and some strange choices at HP, newer graphics cards aren't compatible with their old motherboards. Something having to do with the UEFI implementation? The details are unclear.

I considered returning the GPU, but instead settled on getting a new motherboard - making a sort of "Ship of Theseus" computer. The motherboard has to support both my 2600k and the 1050ti. I ended up getting this. The chipset is Ivy Bridge, but I believe that should be backwards compatible with Sandy Bridge. Also it has integrated graphics, which is useful for debugging.

So all in all, my system is:

I also have 1333 ram and an 250 GB SSD - but my problems exist without those plugged in.

When I first swapped out the motherboard and tried running things - the fans spun for about 5 seconds, then it turned off. Annoyed, I took apart the computer again and started making sure all the wires were connected properly. I kept trying to get it to turn on to no avail - removing components as I went along (it should at least boot to BIOS without ram or storage, right?).

Eventually, with my 1050ti plugged in, using HDMI to the monitor - it booted! I quickly got a keyboard and chose 'boot with default settings' or something like that. The screen went black and it turned off soon after. I probably should've chosen 'Enter BIOS'. I haven't been able to get back to that screen!

I've now taken the motherboard completely out of the case and put it on cardboard for testing. Only have the CPU - connected, along with the two PSU connections. I've cleared CMOS a bunch of times, but when I start it up like this, it just keeps turning on and off, fan keep on spinning.

I have no idea what I'm missing or what's going wrong. It's especially upsetting since it started up once, but since then I haven't gotten anything out of the video outputs. Can anyone help me at all?
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  1. UPDATE:

    So I decided to bite the bullet and revert everything back to the old motherboard, for help diagnosing what might be wrong. I attempt to turn it on with minimal components attached (No RAM no video no storage) and I get 5 beeps. Like I said, documentation for this motherboard is sparse - so I kinda just assumed 5 beeps means disaster. I was sure I destroyed the CPU and was ready to call it quits.

    I decided to see if it would boot with more components though - so I added the hard drive and video card and ram. And voila! It boots perfectly with no complaints. So now I'm switching back out to the new motherboard - and it's no longer doing the 5 seconds on then turning off thing.

    Instead is sounds like it's working - but neither the old or new GPU, nor integrated graphics seem to be able to display anything. But fans start spinning, lights are flashing, hard drives are spinning. It seems like a step in the right direction.
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