is there a way to hook a nintendo switch up to a tv using an hdmi switcher?

hi, i'm trying to use this new hdmi switch i just got to hook a nintendo switch up to a laptop with an HDMI out port. does anyone know the correct way to do it?? thank you and have a good day!:D
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  1. Your laptop has HDMI out not IN.
    You may be able to use a USB video capture device but I don't know if they work in real time and they are not cheap with HDMI input.
    Probably cheaper to buy a TV or monitor with HDMI input.
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    Your post is confusingly written, and i have 2 interpretations of the question you are trying to ask:
    1. You are trying to connect a laptop and a switch to your tv at the same time.
    2. You are trying to connect your switch to your laptop via a HDMI switcher.

    1. To do this you will need 3 HDMI kabels. On one side of the HDMI switcher you wil see multiple HDMI ports in a row, these are your inputs. plug your laptop and your switch into these. on another side you will see 1 other HDMI port. plug your tv into this one. you may also need to plug a power source into another port, depending on your switch box.

    2.The HDMI-port in your laptop is output only, meaning that you cannot use your laptop directly as a display for your Nintendo Switch. The best alternative would be to simply get a pc monitor, and use the build-in screen when using your Switch on the go.

    Hope this helps!
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