Gigabyte Radeon RX 570 Gaming 4 GB

Is this a solid card with a good noise profile?

Seriously thinking of getting this. I was planning to hold out for Vega (gtx1070+ tier) but I bet the usable cards are still 3.5 months away for me, or more. My current card is HD6850 (=ancient!).

-Contemporary card very fit for gaming for a while
-Price for Gigabyte Radeon RX 570 Gaming 4 GB is about 140 euros (Finland)
-While price for the equal competitor GTX1060 is 220 euros and up
-Can be used on my 2ndary box with gaming capability
-Gives me the option to skip Vega if it's less than stellar (pun intended) (= reduces risk and gives a valuable real option)
-Or even skip Volta if I don't like the features/price or if Vega 20 will sound even more attractive
-Just 'finished' build of a brand new gaming rig which is totally ready for action, save a lackluster GPU
-21 days until summer vacation

-TDP is significantly higher than GTX1060
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    Solid for sure. Nose profile depends on exact model.
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  2. whats your build and what settings you play ?
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  3. SORRY GUYS! It seems like this was actually a listing error on the price info provider and the cards were actually GV-RX560GAMING OC-2GD 2GB GDDR5. Good question about the exact model...

    We can forget about this thread and close it! It's gonna be a hard 3.5 months...

    Settings have usually been low so far, use full HD monitors but planning to upgrade soonish to 4k (would downscale to 2:1 resolutions with this card).

    Build is linked in sig,
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  4. What's actually the tier of RX560? Not listed in the GPU hierarchy.
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  5. rx 560 should be comparable with gtx 1050, probably slightly better in most games.
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