gigabyte g1 sniper b7, is this board support 7th gen i5. and 2400mhz ram

on the box its written intel 6th gen support and 2133mhz ram
any problem for if i use 2400mhz ram
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    You will need a 6th gen Intel processor to update the BIOS to the newest version in order to use w 7th gen processor. All 6th gen boards other than that z series will only run at 2133.

    Of you want to run a 7th gen processor without a bios update and actually use the 2400 MHz ram at 2400 MHz get a B250 motherboard not a b150
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  2. i already ordered 2400 mhz ram. is it convert to 2133? or i need to buy a2133 ram

    tnx for the quick rply
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  3. No that's ram will work fine at 2133, however the ram won't work at all if you ordered a 7th gen cpu until you get the bios updated. Which will require a 6th gen cpu. (Perhaps you can take it to a local shop to update it, or buy a skylake Celeron processor, or return board for a b250, or maybe you'll get lucky and it'll come with the latest BIOS standard)
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  4. thanks bro . thank u very much for ur quick advice
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