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I am currently trying to finish a custom water cooling build. I am going to fill the loop with XSPC UV Blue coolant that I bought about a year ago. I have never opened it. I am wondering if this coolant would be too old to use. I know that it states on the bottle that there is a 2 year shelf life, but there is no production or expiration date on the bottle. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Can you take notice of the fluid if it's got some particles within it? If so then the dye in the coolant is breaking down thus is not suitable for use in a loop. On another note, why not just use distilled water and a kill coil? < That info is in the watercooling sticky(in my sig space).
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    i have had a small open bottle of red coolant with biocide in it sitting on a shelf for about 4 years now just out of interest to see what would happen to it

    no algae or other growths in it so far and it still looks totally free of any particles and no sign of the dye breaking down or settling to the bottom

    so my opinion if it looks ok it probably is

    but if worried over it just buy some new coolant its not that expensive
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