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Hey Tom's Army,
It's time to reach out to the masses again for help..

I'm in the designing stage of water cooling and upgrading some of my older rigs for resale to the wanting..

I have tried to contact XSPC and DD to no solution or even a comment so here I am asking you good folks.

If I go with the presumption that all water blocks are basically a square chunk of copper, then all I really need is the mm of the item I'm trying to cool. correct?
CPU, GPU, N. Bridge ect.ect.

So how do I go about ordering said chunk of copper that I need if it's not in production anymore?

Exam 1. I have an older EVGA 9850 GX video card that gets extremely hot.... like very hot to touch.
No one makes a watercooler for that card any more, but I know I can order some misc blocks and piece together a rig that would work and look just as cool.

Exam 2. My ASUS M2N32-Wireless Deluxe Motherboard, I want to watercool the N and S Bridge set up.. but when I call XSPC they keep asking me what item number of their product do I want to talk about???

well, uh....I want two blocks about 33mm square and around 12mm thick I think.. what do you have. and I get nothing but dead air..or they hang up on me.

I just don't know how to go about that.
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  1. Question before an answer: Why are you willing to spend more money on something than you would ever get value out of?

    Your best bet is to get some generic (or consumer) block for something similar and rig it to work. Before AIO brackets were common people would ziptie H60s to graphics cards (leaving the VRM and memory modules dangerously warm).
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  2. DangerDen are out of business FYI, so they won't respond to anyone's queries.

    1| You can always look at ordering a universal GPU block from around that time frame or at least a current gen one that has holes line up to the 9850 GX...?
    2| They make blocks(waterblocks to be exact) and they cater to their portfolio, not a custom order which is why you get a blank stare.

    You could scour Aquatuning but in retrospect, you're kind of wasting your time unless you have access to a CNC milling machine and mm perfect dimensions to cut through blocks of copper. There is also the other point about only sticking to air cooling by using some good old fans to cool the chipsets...?

    As far as the block for the CPU is concerned, any block that supports AM2/2+/3/3+ will drop onto that board without an issue. You might even ask yourself, adding the cost of watercooling just brings the return of investment to a higher degree of minus.
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  3. Hum...Good answers, Thank you all.

    But not to be too blunt about this, but I have noticed that in every forum people often add comments to a question that's not even relevant to whats being asked.

    So to answer the question about why I am adding the cost of watercooling which just brings the return of investment to a higher degree of minus. or simple put Why am I willing to spend more money on something than you would ever get value out of?

    Super Simple...After I take all the cost of putting these rigs together, I am going to double (doubling is for my time invested) the price and sell them on eBay.
    I truly believe there are a lot of senior players out there, that love the old games and will purchase my rigs and not have to worry about over heating, slow speeds and having to (upgrade) for better play ability, as I will have already upgraded these MB's to there max potential.

    When I see ABSOLUTELY stupidly high prices for the cheapest products....

    eBay item number:
    291863480455 I bought mine for $250

    eBay item number:
    191893008754 I bought mine for $35.00

    eBay item number:
    322256172975 I bought mine for $65.00

    So I figured "hey what the hell" if I can take all this old computer junk I have had laying around for 10+ years, toss it in a new case and a nice HDD and max the CPU and watercool it then sell it for a few hundred bucks why not?

    I have had a Creative labs RIVA TNT2 Ultra in my mothers (god rest her soul) cedar hope chest for the last 20 years, some guy in AU is selling his for $8,000...

    I'm gonna to mine in a rig and sell the whole thing for like $300 bucks.....some one will buy it...

    And as far as the older CPU/GPU and N. Bridges are concerned I found this...
    eBay item number:

    And as for my GeForce 9850 GX2, I found this too...VID-398GX2 Water Block (NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GX2 Video Card)

    So I hope this helps everybody else that reads this and wants to know why I'm wanting to waste my money instead of helping me find out how to order generic water blocks

    Thank you.
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  4. It is rather hard to find blocks for older GPUs, but you can find them a lot of times on Ebay. Also, you can check at Swiftech's home site, they often have clearance blocks from older models on clearance, but once they sell out, they are gone.

    Universal blocks are likely your best bet, but I don't recall a 9850 - there was a 9800 GX2 and a 7950 GX2, but not a 9850 GX or GX2. Is it one of these - the sandwich cards or dual-GPU cards? So, depending on whether it is either of those cards or just a single GPU card, I'll have to wait and see, but best bet is likely universal blocks.

    Don't forget RAM sinks for Mosfets, vRAM and VRMs.
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  5. @rubix-1011:

    You are very correct and I was confused about my card.... It is a 9800 GX2, I'm old and get that way sometimes.. :)
    I wish I could upload a photo of my card to you, but alas I don't know how to..

    Whats sad is the next build I plan on doing next week is using 3 (three) 9800 GX2....
    so this whole water cooling issue is way super importiant to me..

    I did find this (VID-398GX2 Water Block (NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GX2 Video Card) or put more simply..

    Can anyone find one of these PLEASE!!! help me..
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  6. Best answer
    That's going to be tough - those cards were pretty rare back when they were out as not many people actually bought them, so it will really be difficult to find them now...hopefully you can, though.

    That being said, I know there were a lot of issues with the SLI micro-stuttering which began to debut with those cards. I don't know if nVidia corrected this with later firmware and drivers or not. Running multiples of these cards also had limitations, I thought....
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