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Alright, so before I start let me just say I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong category and I'm not very experienced with custom loops. The closest I been to Water cooling is a closed loop system, Corsair's h110i.

I built a desk for the pc I recently built and normally I would have just bought a h110i for my cpu and just got the 1080 hybrid. But the way my computer is mounted inside the desk I have no way of mounting the radiators to the locations I have cut out for them. I knew ahead of time I would do a custom loop.

1, because I think it makes so much more sense (future proofing wise)
2 because if done right looks awesome.

I have done some research and I know what all I'm going to need (component wise) but I have no idea what manufacturer I should go with, idk how it is with computers but I know that if you mix/match different manufacturers with cars (mechanic by trade) that sometimes the clearances are off and don't seal/fit properly, so I figured it would be the same with custom loop water cooling right?

In that case I have no earthly idea on which manufacturers to buy from and which to stay away from. I have no idea what kinds of pumps there are or if I should go with pump/rez combos, etc. Etc. All I know realistically is I need atleast 2 fittings per component (3 in my case because I horrible luck), a radiator, a pump, reservoir, cpu block, Vga block, tubbing, and a back plate for the cpu block (idk if they normally come with one or not, i know the h110i's do, but that is a different kind of cooling realm lol). I need as much advice as I can get, any tips, tricks, curse words, whatever you can tell me that will help me better understand this new endeavor I'm walking into lol. Lastly I'm only wanting to Water cool my cpu and Gpu. I figured since I don't really overclock much there isn't a need for cooling memory and chipsets, hdd, sdd, etc. Any help would be much appreciated and if you made it this far into the book I'm posting than thank you for atleast reading it and I'm sorry you just wasted that 15 mins of your life lol. Everything will be mounted sitting horizontally, already bought a Thermaltake pci extender so my card can sit flush with the bottom of the desk, (can change that if need be).

Cpu: Intel 6700k Skylake
Gpu: EVGA 1080 FTW
Mobo: Asus RoG Hero Maximus VIII
Psu: EVGA Supernova 80+ gold 850w
Memory:ddr4 (17000) G-Skill Ripjaw 4x 4g
Sdd: 2x Samsung Evo 500g (vertical)
Hdd: WD Black 2tb
Case fans: 12x Thermaltake RGB ring 120mm

Thanks again for the help.

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  1. First task, read through the watercooling sticky(linked in my sig).
    Second task, you're going to have to rethink if you'd want to watercool since the two reasons you've given apply to air cooling as well.

    I'm already assuming you're doing what Linus did for his desk..or something akin to the Red Harbinger Cross Desk?
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  2. First figure out exactly what kind of look you are after, many ppl are quite happy with the looks and ease of use with the flexible tubing, it's almost plug and play stuffing that tubing onto a barb and clamping it. Or there's the hard tube, which I personally think is by far the best looking system with its straight lines, minimal junctions etc, but is also the hardest to get right as that acrylic tubing does not take well to being heated and bent without kinking or bubbling. That'll determine what connections are necessary, since you won't use barbs on the hard pipe, but compression fittings.

    Everyone has their own standards as to what they swear by, some prefer EK, some AlphaCool, some even Thermaltake, but there is one underlying common thought, do not go cheap. Cheap gets you aluminium radiators vrs copper and with the copper components in the pump and other areas, you'll end up with a mess in a month or so after you get metal incompatibility and corrosion. Copper rads cost more but are well worth it in the end.

    I'd start there.
    And there.
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  3. Deffinetly want to do the hard tubing, I agree with you on it looking the best. I'm not gonna break my bank for this custom loop but I do plan on spending a decent bit of money, so if copper is the better way to go than I have no problem doing so lol. I forgot the 3rd reason I want to do water cooling, the closed loop system's hoses are too short, plus I don't want a aircooled system. So if I do copper radiator I'll have to do a copper cpu/gpu block as well right? I'll read through the links y'all posted and I'll get back to you.
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    There's more than a few ppl who do use doubled up D5 pumps, if the tubing is that long, and since it's in a desk, maybe run flex tube around where you need to, where it's not visible, then convert to the hard tubing. I prefer the hard tube look for sure, but some of those bends are a nightmare and offer no flexibility for attachments if you are looking at tall vertical spaces.
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