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Please help me with overcloking , i dont know which numbers should i go with gpu clock , memory clock , voltage . I have now gpu 1241/1342 mhz , memory 7202 mhz . Have really low firestrike benchmark

Cpu: i5 6600k 4,4
Gpu: gigabite 980ti xtreme gaming
Power supply: 600w

Also what program should i use for ov ? Thank you in advance
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  1. use msi afterburner and increase little by little. and you ll want to use a custom fan curve
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  2. Agreed, I dl'ed Afterburner and EVGA OXC, opened each up once and liked Afterburner best BY FAR. First thing I did was set a custom fan curve. After that, my only other suggestion is to leave the voltage be until you understand what you are doing. Voltage is usually locked in OC programs for a reason, you can damage your card if you just start dinking around with the voltage without understanding.

    I started by increasing power limit to +5% and then the GPU clock by about 6-7% and Memory about the same and then stress test with 3dMark before benchmarking runs.
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  3. The bios limits the voltage on the Maxwell cards. You can't raise voltage high enough on the stock bios for it to harm anything.
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  4. Vellinious said:
    The bios limits the voltage on the Maxwell cards. You can't raise voltage high enough on the stock bios for it to harm anything.

    Fair enough, I did not read the original post that closely, but almost every single OC tutorial out there tells you to mess with voltage last. I watched one the other day by an EVGA engineer, he echoed the same thing. Harm is a relative term, and for someone new to overclocking, all I was saying is start with power target and gpu freq, get a feel for it, then tackle voltage.
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  5. Agreed....for the most part.
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    best thing to do is get msi afterburner and occt.

    i normally put power % all the way to 100 in afterburner.

    then i adjust my core first in increments of +10 on the afterburner slider.

    then i use occt for a few minutes to check for errors, if i get no errors i increase aagin by +10 until i get an error.

    once i get an error i i reduce the core clock -5 on the afterburner until no errors.

    then run heaven 4.0 or valley benchmark, if its stable it will get all the way through the test without any artifacts or crashes.

    once you have a stable core speed write it down, reset it to default and do the same process with the memory.

    once you have a stable memory and core speed apply these settings together in afterburner, run occt for 5 minutes and then heaven benchmark to make sure its stable. if its not stable reduce the clocks gradually until it passes heaven and occt.

    set your fans to 100% while overclocking, then when you have the desired settings on the core and memory, create a custom fan curve, my card is pretty much silent at 100% so i ramp up the rpm quite quickly, but just make a curve that keeps your card cool with a noise level you are happy with
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